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Capture all of the big milestones in your little one's early stages of life. Watching your baby grow brings on so many moments of joy, excitement and pride. The first smile, roll over, mimicking your facial expressions, sitting, standing, and all of the most memorable moments. Whether up on your wall or in an album, Milestone sessions ensure you have those memories to look back on and feel those whirlwind emotions all over again.

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What to Expect

The session will focus entirely on your baby and the exciting milestones they have reached.  Bring along their favorite toy, stuffy or blanket. Set ups are simple and timeless. Studio wardrobe is available. Complement any space with art from your session, the perfect way to make sure your little one reaching these precious milestones is never forgotten.

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Book Your Session

Individual sessions are based upon availability for your beautiful child's milestones:

3 to 4 Months Old

Full of smiles, rolling and mastering those adorable facial expressions. Each of these moments brings such joy and pride. There is nothing quite like smiling with your baby.

6 to 8 Months Old

Your baby is sitting up all on their own! What a huge milestone! 

9 to 10 Months Old

Your baby is standing with help from you or a chair. You’re thinking "how are they growing so fast?!"

 One-Year Portrait

Capturing your beautiful 1-year-old in a tasteful and timeless setting.

A timeless collection frame-by-frame of your child's milestones to hang proudly on any wall.


3-4 Months

By 3-4 months, your baby has likely mastered tummy time. Capture them smiling away, giggling and maybe even grabbing at their toes.

6-8 Months

At around 6-8 months your baby starts to sit on their own. Capture this big milestone along with their adorable expressions.


9-11 Months

At around 9-11 months your baby starts to stand with assistance. Capture their big personality and include their favourite lovey.

One Year

Classic & timeless. One year portraits on a simple background. The perfect addition to any hallway wall.

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Cake Smash Celebrations!

Thinking of something a little more messy? Check out the custom Cake Smash Sessions!